Pro Bono Law Alberta (PBLA) is a nonprofit charitable organization that promotes access to justice in Alberta by creating and promoting opportunities for lawyers to provide pro bono (free) legal services to persons of limited means.

Pro Bono Law Alberta's Mission:

Pro Bono Law Alberta engages the legal community to increase access to pro bono legal services for Albertans in need.

PBLA's Objectives:

PBLA' s objectives are to promotes access to the justice system in Alberta by creating and promoting opportunities for lawyers to provide pro bono legal services to persons of limited means by:

1. Creating opportunities for Alberta lawyers to discharge their professional responsibilities to provide pro bono legal services;

2. Improving the overall delivery of pro bono legal services by facilitating the integration and co-ordination of services provided by pro bono organizations throughout the province of Alberta;

3. Ensuring province-wide access to high-quality pro bono legal services to persons of limited means by:

(i) supporting and improving the quality of existing pro bono programs;
(ii) working with existing pro bono legal clinics to assist them in providing pro bono services; and
(iii) fostering the development of new pro bono programs where needed.

4. Enhancing the growth of a pro bono culture within the Alberta bar;

5. Raising general public awareness of pro bono legal services to community organizations and persons of limited means who require legal services; and

6. Raising the awareness of Alberta lawyers of the need for pro bono services and of the resources available to lawyers who are prepared to provide pro bono services.

Pro Bono Law Alberta works to promote access to justice by:

  • creating pro bono opportunities for Alberta lawyers
  • working with law firms to develop pro bono policies and projects
  • leveraging pro bono resources in the community
  • enhancing the growth and fostering a pro bono culture in the legal profession

PBLA does this through partnerships, collaborative projects, and events that involve the legal community and organizations providing pro bono legal services.  As PBLA is not a direct service provider, PBLA works primarily with the legal community to encourage pro bono service through varied volunteer opportunities, which in turn, benefit low income Albertans seeking legal assistance.

Examples of pro bono service may include:

  • providing summary legal advice at one-day legal clinics such as Legal Grounds Advice Clinics
  • doing a shift at the court-based programs in Edmonton and Calgary
  • signing up for the province-wide Volunteer Lawyer Services roster program
  • volunteering at a pro bono clinic or program such as the Legal Clinic at 1000 Voices or Legal Clinic at the Women's Centre

PBLA also actively seeks partnerships with law firms to connect them with not-for-profit organizations that regularly reach out to PBLA and are in need of legal assistance.

To find out how PBLA engages the legal community in various programs, partnerships and initiatives, and how lawyers may become involved in pro bono, visit the Volunteer page.

The full reports on research and consultation leading up to the launch of the Pro Bono Law Alberta Society can be found here. 

Annual Meetings and Other Events

Each year in June, PBLA holds its Annual General Meeting. The meetings are an ideal opportunity to celebrate the work of  the prior year, acknowledge the many volunteers who are engaged in pro bono services all over Alberta. Visit the PBLA blog to read about past events.

PBLA also participates in and hosts other events throughout the year such as the annual Pro Bono Stakeholders' Round Table, meetings for Managing Partners of firms in Edmonton and Calgary, events for law students and other volunteer recognition celebrations.

Visit the PBLA blog and Subscribe to updates to learn about upcoming events.