National Pro Bono Conferences

Every two years, PBLA co-hosts the National Pro Bono Conference in partnership with:

  • Access Pro Bono of British Columbia
  • Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan
  • Pro Bono Law Ontario
  • Pro Bono Quebec

The National Pro Bono Conference is an opportunity to assist, educate and inspire legal practitioners and other members of the legal profession as well as the broader community who are working together to bring about important social change in their community. The demographic of attendees at the National Pro Bono Conference is diverse and includes legal practitioners of all backgrounds, the voluntary sector, law students, judiciary and academia.

Past conferences have been hosted in:

  • Ottawa, ON, 2016
  • Regina SK, 2014
  • Montreal, QC, 2012
  • Calgary AB, 2010
  • Vancouver, BC, 2008
  • Toronto, ON, 2006

The next National Pro Bono Conference will take place in Vancouver, BC on October 4 and 5, 2018.