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Insurance & Rules
Corporate/Government Insurance Exempt Lawyers

Corporate/government lawyers are active members of the LSA and exempt from the insurance provisions of the Rules of the Law Society pursuant to Rule 135 and Rule 148. This category of members swears a statutory declaration that they will not provide legal services outside the scope of their employment.

The Benchers of the LSA and the ALIA have facilitated the extension of errors and omissions insurance coverage through ALIA to corporate/government lawyers when they provide pro bono legal services through an authorized pro bono provider as listed in Rule 148(2.1).

Non-Practicing/Inactive Lawyers

If you are a lawyer who is non-practicing, retired or otherwise inactive with the LSA, and you would like to provide pro bono services exclusively through an approved pro bono provider (see Rule 148.2.1), you can apply for Active Membership, Pro Bono Legal Services status. Lawyers will be required to pay an annual membership fee equivalent to the inactive member fee rather than the full active membership fee.

Read more about Active for pro bono status or download the application form here.

Practicing/Active Lawyers

Members of the Law Society of Alberta (LSA) who are active and insured lawyers (members of the private bar) are insured to provide legal services to clients whether or not they charge a fee for the legal service. When providing pro bono legal services through a pro bono clinic, other pro bono program or doing the legal work for free in the course of private practice, the Alberta Lawyers Insurance Association (ALIA) insurance provides errors and omissions (E&O) coverage for pro bono legal services delivered.

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